A community of

committed collaborators

The Group’s employees have been volunteering for years, providing timely or lasting assistance to local youth associations and in response to humanitarian and social emergencies.

They express their engagement.

The solidarity commitment platform, Be Earthtalent, invites Bolloré Group employees to get involved in major social and environmental issues. The 116 partner associations therefore offer missions in varied areas: environmental protection, education, access to culture, assistance to disadvantaged people…A commitment that knows no limits! Discover the testimony of Stéphane Smuk, passionate and committed collaborator with the Proxité association.

Be Earthtalent, the community of committed employees

Together with the Be Earthtalent community, we want to facilitate the bridges between the expertise of the corporate world and the needs of the associative world. This community allows each of our employees to engage, to share their experience of commitment and thus to act humanely and concretely for the development of the territories.

This community is initially accessible to our employees in France. It will be implemented progressively in the other territories where the Group is based.

Our employees can act on
4 areas of action

– Protecting, Educating and Accompanying Youth

– Connecting with the most isolated people

– Preserving the environment and cultural heritag

– Responding in the event of a health or social emergency

Partner Associations

Locally anchored, these associations are actors in the development of the territories and focus their actions on improving the economic and social situation of the populations. In line with the Group’s values and the selection criteria of the Corporate Philanthropy Department, we have brought together these associative actors in order to enable employees to engage on an ad hoc basis, during “help” missions but also more sustainably through support missions.


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