The bolloré group teams with Bonheur de Demain for a school in Senegal
| 24/11/2020
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The association “Bonheur de demain”, created by Fabienne Tanière, collaborator of the Bolloré Group based in Toulouse, set up a “school equipment” operation aimed at the school of professor Ngary to Saly in Senegal.

With the support of the patronage international program “EarthTalent by Bolloré” and of the head office management of Bolloré, Fabienne Tanière knew how to federate around her several collaborators several Bolloré employees in Le Havre, represented by Christophe Louvet, Customer Service Export OCEANIA – PACIFIC and secretary of CCE Bolloré Logistics, Charlotte The CAM, Confirmed forwarding agent, who answered present for this project.

The Bolloré teams retrieved the school supplies offered by the Mayor of the Havre and then packed a container for transport by boat offered by the Bolloré group. From the Fabienne tanière initiative to the mobilization of Christophe Louvet and his teams, the project was completed in late November 2018. Black boards, desks, chairs, will equip from the month of February, at the arrival of the container, the new classrooms of Saly’s school.

This project reflects the Group’s transfillial commitment, which from Le Havre to Toulouse, places the sense of collective and solidarity at the heart of this project. In line with the Group’s patronage policy for the empowerment of young people since 2018, the provision of school equipments will enable the school to open new classes and thus support children in their schooling. “Bonheur de Demain” association aims to participate in the development of the school and enable Saly’s children to develop their knowledge in the best conditions and to extend their schooling to the completion of their bachelor’s degree.

With the support of the Bolloré Group.

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