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shelter projects for the most vulnerable children.


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Each of our local branches supports local projects to protect the most vulnerable children (as part of Sustainable Development Goal No. 10: Reducing Inequality).

The empowerment of the younger generations is only possible if they are guaranteed a stable and serene environment, conducive to their development and their future. Taking into account their own societal issues, we support local actors who enable children living in extremely precarious situations and suffering from the violence of their environment to access basic services (decent accommodation, access to clean water, balanced nutrition, health and education). Strengthening the quality of care gradually reduces the inequalities they face and enables them to achieve their ambitions.

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Our “Protect” projects

Select a country and read more about the solidarity commitments of our local teams in favour of the most vulnerable children.

Cajaj Association

Cajaj Association

For more than 20 years, the reception center, CACAJ (Centro de Acolhimento de Criancas Arnaldo Janssen) has been welcoming vulnerable street young people aged from 8 to 18. Bolloré Transport and Logistics teams have mobilized to donate school materials to the center.
NGO Salem

NGO Salem

The NGO Salem is committed to the protection and free medical care of children and the most vulnerable. The local Bolloré Transport and Logistics teams provide support for the NGO's actions through donations of pharmaceutical products.
Remar Orphanage

Remar Orphanage

Local teams from Equatorial Guinea provided support to the Remar Orphanage in order to strengthen their capacities and the welcoming conditions of the most vulnerable children. They mobilized alongside the Orphanage teams by providing them with household appliances as well as school supplies and meals for the children, prepared by the Bolloré teams.

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