A dynamic NGO working for the purification of water in Moroni in the Comoros
| 24/11/2020
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Since December 2019, nearly 2,000 pupils in four schools in Moroni Bambao and Mbadjini have finally had access to drinking water and decent sanitary conditions.

This was made possible thanks to the partnership between Moroni Terminal and the NGO 2 mains* signed in December 2019, through the NGO’s “Drinking Water for All” program, which encourages the organization of water services and provides water purification technology by accompanying the public authorities in the organization of the sector.

This project contributes to sustainable development goals (SDG #6-Clean Water and Sanitation) to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

*ONG 2 Mains is a Comorian association created in 2009 that works to improve the living conditions of the population and the preservation of the environment. Their missions are part of a sustainable and solidarity-based development approach in the fields of water, waste management and agriculture.

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